Redemption and Hope

“As a child I was poisoned by the sin of my family members the males of my family should have been protectors, but they were the predators. I was a child with secrets that should not have been known. My thoughts should have been happy, the things little girls think of and their dreams. Shame […]

“I don’t have anyone”

“I can’t function without taking drugs.” He had open sores all over his arms from using dirty needles. Daily struggles of anxiety and depression. “I feel so alone.” Tears streamed down his cheeks as he spoke of his family. “They don’t want me. I don’t have anyone.”  

She’s been in my heart

Lately she’s been on my heart. When I’m in Skid Row I always look forward to seeing her. But I hadn’t seen her in months. No one has it seems. Then one day I get a Facebook message from a friend  who works at a nursing home: “Linda says hi.” It turns out she was […]