“Chocolate Ice”

“Chocolate Ice”–that’s what people used to call my dear friend Terrence back in high school, because he was so crazy about ice skating. In recent years, he’d watch people skating around the wintertime rink at Pershing Square in downtown LA and feel nostalgic about those days. “I was like some homeless dude with a shopping […]

MacGyver of Skid Row

While I was in Skid Row I ran into my friend Terrance. He used to be a successful computer engineer making a six figure salary. When his wife left him for another man he went into deep depression which led to drug addiction and then after losing everything he became homeless. He’s been on the […]

He had these sad soulful eyes.

He had these sad soulful eyes. He was sitting on the sidewalk gazing into the distance, but not really looking at anything. Just a blank, empty stare. Robert suffers from bipolar disorder with major depression, and today was a bad day for him. “I will buy you what ever you want to eat” I said […]