Walter loves Korean food

I spent time with my beautiful, sweet friend Walter. While we were in downtown, we saw someone give a homeless man some money, and the homeless man took it and walked away, without saying a word. Walter turned to me, visibly annoyed, “he could have at least said thank you.” For Walter, treating people with […]

“Creativity is a human right”

Life often times takes us to unexpected places. And that’s the story of Hayk Makhmuryan. As he walks down the streets of Skid Row, he’s often recognized as The Art Guy. “I’ve taken ownership of the name” he said with amusement. He greets people with a big smile or a warm embrace. Talking with him, […]

An angry kid with past hurts

There’s a mormon church down the street from where I live. I go there sometimes in the morning during the week to kick the soccer ball around or take the dogs for a walk. There’s hardly ever anyone around so it’s really peaceful. Today I went there and I saw all this graffiti. The first […]