The People of Skid Row

There are many people living in Skid Row. Unfortunately, many of them live there without housing. This page is dedicated to the people living there who refuse to give up, who strive to live another day, to experience this beautiful city we call Los Angeles.



“Son, this is where the bottom of the bottom go” that’s what his father had told him when he was a young child as they drove through Skid Row. Little did he realize that decades later he would end up on those very streets. “Terrance” has been homeless for the past 8 years. He is articulate, bright, and genuine. Read More…



Skid Row - BirdmanBird Man

They call him Birdman because he cares so much about pigeons and other birds.Read More…






Chef Jones

When I met Chef Jones, he was wearing a chef’s outfit and grilling some hot dogs on the sidewalk.He told me he stays in one of the residential hotels in Skid Row, and this little hot dog business is how he earns a living. He was really friendly, and invited me to hang out. So I sat down on my skateboard next to him, and we watched the people walking by. Read More…