Chef Jones, the Skid Row entrepreneur.

Chef jones1 When I met Chef Jones, he was wearing a chef’s outfit and grilling some hot dogs on the sidewalk.He told me he stays in one of the residential hotels in Skid Row, and this little hot dog business is how he earns a living. He was really friendly, and invited me to hang out. So I sat down on my skateboard next to him, and we watched the people walking by. I bought some hotdogs and started passing them out, telling Chef Jones we were going to attract customers by giving out samples like they do at the mall, and he smiled at me with amusement. Eventually, a crowd of people formed, and some even started buying some hot dogs. It was a great day. Chef Jones told me, “If business keeps picking up, I’m planning on buying me another stove and add collard greens to the menu.”
Chef jones2