“Day by day, little by little nothing mattered to me anymore.”

9“I used to work in a healthcare setting, for a hospital. I started out as a clerk putting in orders for doctors. Then eventually I made monitor tech, and my last position was staffing coordinator, I worked in administration. I was happy to go to work, happy to make a living, pay the bills, because I was in a happy relationship. Once that was over, I kinda gave up on everything. We loved each other but we fought so much. It came to where I had to leave the relationship. The ironic thing is that I left, but I’m the one that’s hurting.” 

“I stayed with my mom after my relationship. Day by day, little by little nothing mattered to me anymore. My mom wanted me to seek professional help. But I told her I didn’t want that because I worked at a hospital. And I didn’t want to be drawn in to the system. I don’t want to be given medications. So I told her I would figure it out on my own. For the past year and a half I’ve been living along the river inside a tunnel. I don’t think my mom knows where I’m at. Last time I talked to her I told her I was staying at a friend’s garage looking for a job. I try not to make her worry about me.”

8“I chose this spot because one day while I was riding my bike I noticed people living here. I started making friends with them and I noticed they can make it here, day in and day out. I was interested in seeing how they did it. I came to find out that a lot of people are here because emotionally they got overwhelmed, something happened to them where they couldn’t handle it so they came out here. I just wanted to get away from everything. To be alone, but not in total solitude. I feel like I’m in a monotone state. I’m in limbo. I’m out here trying to figure out how to solve my sadness, to find out about myself.”

7“I’m not embarrassed for where I am. Sometimes I trip out because when I go out to recycle I would wonder if I would see anybody, or anybody would see me who knew me from back then and recognize me or be in shock for where I am in life now. Growing up I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere. I don’t have much social skills. Even with my close personal friends. When I hang out with them I keep to myself. I don’t talk much, I don’t express my thoughts that much. I just kinda chill. I’d often think about my demise. I don’t know if it’s something dysfunctional within me. I’m learning a lot about my weak points, hopefully it will make me stronger in the future. The pain is still there but I can do other things now, before the pain overruled everything. Sometimes I even forget what my circumstances are, I’m happy but it’s momentary.”