Homeless student seeking to fulfill mother’s wish

He looks like any other university student.2 Except that Talor sleeps in a makeshift tent on campus3 and washes himself each day in the bathroom next to the library.5 Sometimes he donates blood when he doesn’t have enough money to buy food. Talor’s had to work 3 jobs to be able to afford school.4 Before his mother died, her wish was that Talor get a good education.1 So he’s doing his best to fulfill her wish. He’s faced a lot of obstacles in his life.7 But in spite of growing up with little, Talor has a big heart.6

I first met him while he was caring for a homeless man in Skid Row. He told me, “My favorite superhero is Batman,batman because he’s had to overcome adversity, and he’s about fighting for justice and helping others.” He’s currently looking to volunteer as a mentor for other students on campus, because for Talor, “Life is about caring for others.”8