It’s easy to feel the tenderness in her heart.


Sometimes it’s hard to follow what Lee Anne is saying, but it’s easy to feel the tenderness in her heart. Many of the stray cats on the streets are well fed and cared for thanks to the tireless efforts of this sweet lady . This tiny woman will push her heavy shopping cart block after block laying out bowls of cat food. Most of the money she has goes towards caring for the homeless animals. Lee Anne spent almost 20 years in a mental institution in Arizona before she ended up on Skid Row. She refers to psychiatry as a “drug religion” where they do nothing more for the mentally ill except pump them up with medications. She is part of the LAMP program here on Skid Row which is a nonprofit organization that tries to help the mentally ill become more self-sufficient. She got housing a few years ago, but she continues to roam the streets day and night caring for the stray cats of Skid Row. Lee Anne was prominently featured in the documentary Lost Angels.
Here is a clip: