“I’ve been homeless for over 40 years”

He wasn’t always coherent, but I did my best to listen to him share his stories. I could see a glimmer of joy in his eyes. 10570405_812721615465529_5480309710706520598_n“It’s nice having someone to talk to” he said. “I’ve been homeless for over 40 years. It gets lonely at times, that’s when I realize people need people.” I went and got him breakfast at a popular, local taco place. 11096671_812721728798851_4360636325304107650_nTommy has difficulty walking, so I brought the food over to him. 11081295_812721782132179_5672751497505739333_nWe sat most of the morning together underneath the shade of the bus stop where he makes his home. “Do you need anything else Tommy?” I asked.
He smiled and said “No, but next time it’s on me.”