“I got this mental thing, and I think it’s a gift from God.”

4“The way it is with me, sometimes I can get frustrated. I got this mental thing, and I think it’s a gift from God. Doctors say that I don’t actually have people following me around and harassing me. They say I have schizophrenia and I’m suicidal. They want me to take this pill to handle all my problems. I don’t want that chemical shit, that chemical imbalance. I know I got the mental capacity to overcome it. All these people are out here to fuck me over. I’ve been going through this shit since I was a kid. This piece of shit pedophile, started touching me when I was 5 years old. That motherfucker died before I could kill him. People mess around by calling me gay and it kinda pisses me off. That’s why loneing is the best. Being a loner. I don’t wanna do stupid shit when I get pissed off. People harass me everywhere I go because of my mental thing, and I get tired of it. I ain’t like that far off the scope. I make sure to check myself, to make sure that I’m on the right path. My hope is to get off the ground, that one day I can go and help people, because I’ve been through a lot.”