“When you give to others you get more in return”

As I was walking through Olvera Street, I see this old homeless man. He is shuffling along with his shopping cart, when this young man sitting at a restaurant calls out to him “hey O.G.! Are you hungry? I will buy you whatever you want to eat!” I felt so touched by his compassion that I turned around and I went up to the young man, his name is Lovel and I take out $5 from my wallet and say to him “my friend, take this money so I can contribute to paying for this man’s meal as well” He looks shocked and says to me “hey man! I didn’t see you. Where did you come from? and I respond “I was just walking by and I overheard what you said and I just felt compelled in my heart to give you this money.” So the three of us sat together and ate. The old man was so happy to be eating a warm meal that he kept thanking us and thanking God, while Lovel still had a shocked look on his face and kept saying to me “I can’t believe you did that man!” Afterwards, Lovel had me walk with him to a gas station down the street . He goes to the ATM to get some money, and he hands me $12. And he says “you gave me $5 to bless this man, and I am going to give you back $12 to show you that when you give to others you get more in return.”