Art helps him escape a violent world.


We walked past the dilapidated walls filled with graffiti.
He proudly pointed to the ones that he had done.

17 year old Bryan lives in a tough, low income neighborhood in Los Angeles.

He feels safer to have a weapon when he goes to and from school.

He’s afraid to walk alone.
Already more than once, gang members have pointed a gun at him and his father.
Bryan used to be part of a tag crew known as RIA which stands for Risk It All.
He became a drug addict and got into some trouble.
A few years ago, he nearly died from drug overdose.
Now he focuses on finishing high school and getting into college.
Bryan’s goal is to become an artist.
When he does art, he feels a sense of accomplishment.
He is in his own world.
A place where he has control.
A safe world.
A place without violence.
Bryan said; “My dream job would be to connect people through my art.”