He wants to face each day with a smile.

10451323_751993424871682_8070422847894117654_nAs I was driving on 3rd Street, just at the edge of Skid Row, I saw this man sitting on some steps in the pouring rain, eating something from a paper bag. Since it was a one way street, I had to turn on a few streets, to go back to where he was. When I walked up to him, I saw that he was eating ice cream! He didn’t have much teeth, but he had a beautiful smile that lit up his whole face. We conversed in Spanglish, and he told me how he’s been homeless for some time. Much of our conversation was how his faith gives him hope in life. Even though, he’s gone through some rough times, he wants to face each day with a smile. I gave this delightful man a hug, and I ran to my car and I got him a care package. With the rain pouring down harder and harder, I gave him my umbrella as well. He refused to take it at first, but I can be kinda stubborn. As I was driving away, he made a sign of the cross with his hand on his chest, and he blew me a kiss.