He just wanted someone to talk to.

10620790_10153074511078086_4047901883295336354_nAs he walked by, he gave me a gentle smile, and wished me a pleasant evening. He wasn’t asking for anything, and there was something genuine about him. I sensed he wanted someone to talk to so I invited him to get drinks at Starbucks.

601346_10153074532698086_6941568509570497683_nWe chatted for hours, sharing life stories. Harvey was a law clerk for 20 years, until drug addiction wrecked his life. He lost his left arm when a car hit him, and then he suffered a stroke. He’s been homeless for a few years now, but despite everything he maintains a positive outlook on life. He seemed to really appreciate our time together. “Sometimes I feel people treat me like I’m invisible, as if I’m not even there” Harvey told me. “So it means a lot that you took the time to talk to me, it’s better than talking to myself.”