I grabbed the drink from his hand.

10255810_10152385632948086_6052958427951457252_nI was waiting in a long line at a mini mart, standing in the front, ready to pay for my stuff.
When a big tough looking dude walks in, he is wearing a muscle shirt, darkened sunglasses, and has all kinds of tattoos on his body.
He has oversized headphones on and listening to some music as his head was bobbing to the rhythm of some song.
He goes to get a Monster Energy Drink and as he walks past me to go to the end of the line,
Something comes over me, and I grab the drink from his hand and I say “thanks!”
He immediately pulls off his sunglasses and says to me “hey man you can get your own drink”
at this point everyone in the store, the customers, the cashier are looking at us
I say to him “no man, I’m buying this for you”
he had a puzzled look on his face
and I say again “I am buying this for you. no strings attached. for no reason.
Just simply wanting to do something positive. I want you to have a great day man”
So I pay for his drink (the cashier is smiling the whole time) and I give it to him, shake his hand and walk out the store.
He immediately follows me out and says “hey is this some kind of pay it forward thing?”
and I say “yea I guess you can look at it that way”
and all of a sudden he cracks a smile, then starts laughing and says “man no one has ever done this for me”
this is so cool! I’m gonna do the same thing man. I promise. I am gonna pay it forward”
and as I was walking to my car I heard him say to himself “I can’t believe it”
I felt so pumped up after that encounter that I felt like I drank ten monster energy drinks.