He walks the streets of Skid Row, with a warm smile, giving people hugs and handing out a few dollars. The few dollars that he has. Not long ago, Levi was homeless. Drug addiction nearly ruined his life. He lived on these very streets of Skid Row. Laying in filth, feces, and urine because all he cared about was smoking crack cocaine. What turned his life around was when he entered the program at the LA Mission. “I never knew my daddy, he left us when I was 2 years old. But I know I have a heavenly father who loves me.” Now Levi’s addiction is to love and care for the people around him. Especially those in need. “I wasted nearly my whole life being addicted to drugs. I had a stroke and a heart attack, but I’m still here for a reason. I want to dedicate whatever time I have left in my life to love others.”