She stopped seeking the approval of others.



Every time she walks down the street, she can notice the stares of disgust from others. She is not so bothered by children staring at her, but other adults.
There is a saying that “beauty is only skin deep.”
And Linda, despite her rare skin condition, truly radiates beauty, dignity, and strength. Finding love did not come easy. Her mother was only 12 years old when she was raped and gave birth to her. Linda was placed in a foster home when she was 4. She struggled with major depression and turned to drugs. Most of her life, men either abused her or used her. Until one day she experienced God’s love for the first time, and she saw herself as God saw her; a beautiful woman to be cherished. She felt set free from seeking the approval of others. Now she is over 20 years sober from drugs, and she also has met the love of her life. A man that truly respects her and sees her for who she really is.
Her greatest passion now is to encourage others to love, accept, and value themselves. 

She also enjoys performance art. She is part of a Skid Row artist group ( that seek to create change in the community by telling stories.

Linda was also featured in the documentary Lost Angels.